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Google Inc.(グーグル)でも導入されている人気の福利厚生です
These are popular employee benefits services that are also implemented at Google Inc.


employee benefits services

Why not introduce the popular employee benefit of 'Body Care' that employees look forward to?


Google Inc.(グーグル)でも採用されているこの非常に人気の高い福利厚生メニューを導入している企業はまだ少ないため、リクルートの際に大きなアピールポイントとなります。ぜひ、導入をご検討ください。

Amidst the many recent employee benefits that require employees to take time, such as hotel vouchers or gym memberships, the 60-minute body care (quick massage) that can be received during working hours is gaining attention as an easily accessible benefit for everyone. There's no need to change clothes; employees can receive the treatment as they are.

This highly popular employee benefit, also implemented at Google Inc., is still not widely adopted by many companies, making it a significant appeal point during recruitment. Please consider introducing this benefit.

Benefits of Implementation:







Do you have any of the following concerns?

"Lately, our employees lack energy."
"Our new hires aren't as energetic."
"High turnover rate due to all-day computer work."
To solve these issues, we recommend introducing body care services.

We offer treatments such as reflexology, head massage, abdominal massage, and stretching to address areas of fatigue.

The benefits of body care include:

Fatigue reduction and increased productivity: Post-treatment refreshment reduces fatigue and boosts productivity.
Refreshment effect: Leads to employee refreshment and increased motivation.
Increased health awareness: During treatment, we communicate about the body's condition and maintenance methods, enhancing employees' self-management skills and health awareness.
Mental clarity: Conversations during treatment help employees organize their thoughts and reduce stress.
Physical care: Relieves neck, shoulder, waist, and leg fatigue during work, reducing the physical burden of long desk hours.
We particularly recommend this for departments with long sitting hours, such as software engineers, telemarketers, and accountants. Please consider implementing this service.

What companies need to provide:





①Massage Bed
A folding type is convenient. It can be purchased for around 10,000 yen.
Setting up a simple bed in a corner of the floor allows for smooth operation without needing to move within the floor.

②Simple Partition
It’s fine if large potted plants or rearranged lockers can provide privacy.

Needed for waiting time and neck treatments. If the height is not suitable, we will bring our own.

★ We will provide towels, face sheets, cushions, and other necessary items.

An example of a company that has implemented this service (IT company with about 50 employees)


Service Hours: Every Thursday, from 11 AM to 6 PM
Number of Sessions: 5 employees per day
Employee's Cost: 1,500 yen per person (paid in cash at the time of the session)
Company's Cost: 3,000 yen per person (billed and paid at the end of the month) plus actual transportation expenses

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